Boruto Episode 226: What To Expect, Latest Updates, Plot Synopsis & More



After the successful fourth Shinobi World War, the Hidden Leaf Village is now experiencing a time of tranquility, enrichment and advanced technological growth. All this is possible thanks to the efforts of the Allied Shinobi Force and the village’s seventh Hokage, Naruto Uzumaki. The city has developed as an advanced capital and has been transformed along with the lifestyle of shinobis. Under the supervision of Naruto and his friends and all-new Ninja, the generation has grown up to get in the way of Shinobis.

Since Boruto Episode 225 was released a few days ago, let’s talk about Boruto Episode 226.

Summary of Boruto Episode 225

Before we jump right into the main topic of Boruto Episode 226, let’s take a look at the previous episode. Kawaki gets angry and starts fighting with Shinki. But Shinki leaves Kawaki in the dust, warns him not to cause a stir, and watches the tournament. Now Shinki returns to his side and the game between Chocho and Sarada begins. Chocho confesses to Sarada that she never thought this day would come. But they agree to put in their best performance.

Expected plot for Boruto episode 226

At the beginning of Boruto Episode 226, we see that a fight between Chocho and Sarada is about to begin. When Konohamaru announced that Chocho would fight Sarada, they were surprised because it was unexpected for them, while the man who kidnapped Amadao was followed by Boruto and Mitsuki. On the other side, Shikadai met Emoji, who was sitting alone. Chocho meets the two and explains what is going on. But they don’t seem surprised to learn that Sarada is her rival.

Boruto Episode 226

Inoji makes sure Chocho remembers her promise. Chocho seems somewhat surprised to see that Shikadai isn’t wearing his vest (oh, he’s a Chunin already). She thinks he may not want to hurt the feelings of others because they are still not Chunin. Inoji told Chocho that they would assemble the vest after they all got the title of Chunin. Going back to the competition, Chocho sees that although she will meet Sarada, her mind is no longer clouded.

When and where to watch Boruto episode 226

Boruto Episode 226 to be released on 28e November of this year. Naruto is happy to see these two show off their best skills. Shikadai mentions that a clash between friends is quite okay. Sasuke looks from the other side and Naruto fully trusts that he is there. Sarada lets go of Chidori as they both sign. Chocho passed out and Sarada was declared the match winner. Let’s check out Boruto: Naruto-Next-Generations Episode 226 official details.

Boruto Episode 226 will air on Funimation AnimeLab on 28e November Saturday at 5:30 PM Japanese Standard Time. If you’re from another country, you can watch the upcoming episode on Funimation and VRV. So, fingers crossed! Just a few more days until the upcoming Boruto Episode 226!

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