Cedric The Entertainer’s Most Cringeworthy Moments At The Emmys

Cedric The Entertainer's Most Cringeworthy Moments At The Emmys

No one was safe during Cedric the Entertainer’s Emmys bits —  not even the British royal family or the Queen of Rap herself. 

As reported by the New York Post, whilst going over the COVID precautions for the award show, including their strict vaccination requirement, Cedric aimed his proverbial guns squarely at Nicki Minaj, who recently took to Twitter and recounted a bizarre personal anecdote about her cousin’s friend who allegedly suffered from “swollen testicles” after receiving a COVID-19 vaccine. “We had to get vaxxed to come here,” He elaborated. “I got vaxxed. I did not have a reaction like Nicki Minaj’s cousin’s friend.” It was a bit awkward… 

Another instance of seat-squirming, he made fun at the royals. “Meghan must put it on that boy because he renounced his throne quicker than Eddie Murphy in ‘Coming to America,’” the entertainer quipped before touching on the racism claims that the couple made during their bombshell tell-all interview with Oprah Winfrey. “Little Archie they need little Archie. I mean Charles can’t dance who else gonna teach them how to TikTok?” YIKES. Too soon? We’ll let you decide.

Some of the most embarrassing moments were not on-screen, but on Twitter. “2021 Emmys Review: Cedric the Entertainer Can’t Save CBS From Itself,” one user tweeted. In another scathing tweet, one user appeared completely unamused altogether. “If your stage name is gonna be Cedric the entertainer, I expect him to be more entertaining than Cedric. And yet…” Hey, you can’t win ’em all — right, Cedric?It’s possible!

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