Chicago PD Season 9 – What Would You Most Like To See Coming For Atwater?


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More great things ahead for Atwater


Chicago PD Season 9 will be back next month with a new episode, but for the sake of this article, we’re going to go a little further than that.

To be precise, let’s dig deeper into what’s in store for Kevin Atwater in the long run! LaRoyce Hawkins’ character will go through quite a bit for the rest of the season, and some of that will have to do with his relationship with Celeste. There will be some feelings that stay there, but also some BIG difficulties. After all, this is what happens when you talk about the information he is withholding from her.

In a new interview with TVLine on the subject, here’s a little bit of what showrunner Gwen Sigan had to say:

“Atwater has some powerful episodes this season… We dive back into his relationship with Celeste, a woman he cares about deeply but who doesn’t know that he’s a cop. Atwater’s lies put him in an awkward position – both morally and at work, it’s quite a dilemma for him and it also explores some deep ground that Atwater has dealt with this season – the reasons why he felt compelled to lie to Celeste, his relationship with the police and his identity in general.”

Our hope is that at some point Atwater can get clean and eventually everything can be tied up in a neat little bow. Is that going to be all that easy? Probably not, but very few things about this show are. Relationships don’t always have this particularly easy way of working in this world; just ask Jay Halstead, and we’ll just have to see if he and Upton are okay. That can depend a lot on the choice Jay makes from here!

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What would you most like to see coming for Atwater? Chicago PD season 9?

Be sure to share it now in the attached comments! After you’ve done that, stay tuned – more updates are on the way and you don’t want to miss any of them.

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