Gossip Girl Thanksgiving Episode Review & Ending Explained

Still digesting Gossip Girl chaotic Thanksgiving episode? We hope you saved room for leftovers, or at least another scoop.

In addition to the many secrets revealed at the dinner table, from Aki and Audrey’s affair with Max, to Julien and Obie’s own deception at Zoya’s expense, Episode 7 also ended with one of the show’s more divisive storylines.

Gossip Girl

Upon receiving Max’s confession and returning control of Gossip Girl to Kate and Jordan, Rafa (Jason Gotay) revealed that he quit his job after realizing he was doing more harm than good.

“I wanted revenge on him,” Rafa said of Max. “A student. A 17-year-old boy. When you sent that, it became clear. I needed him to want me. Because when he did, I didn’t have to face what I was doing. … What you that does to children I read the DMs that came in all day each one more cruel than the next They turn on each other… You don’t make them better Kate Take care You have read enough to know that this is for doesn’t end well for anyone, especially not for you.’

But is this really the last we’ll see of Rafa? The answer, at least in season 1, is yes.

“What he did is still terrible, so we’re giving a good farewell to someone who did something terrible,” showrunner Joshua Safran told TVLine. “But the reason for that is that Rafa still has some humanity in him. He is able to recognize the terrible thing he did. So yes, Rafa is gone. That storyline is over. But of course it will resonate in Max forever .”

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