Hailee Steinfeld’s Impressive Debut; A Strange Comparison to Jeremy Renner.

From mighty immortal alien species to the catastrophic multiverse, the MCU has drifted into unknown lands since Avengers: Endgame. Hence, hawk eye The “ground” breath of fresh air among the ever-flying superheroes comes because it not only gives the most overlooked OG6 Avenger, Clint Barton, the overdue spotlight (Jeremy Renner), but it also humanizes the MCU story, not just with superpowers.

“With great strength comes great responsibility”, and when you are hurt and battered for eons, losing your best friend who is sacrificing her life for you to survive, the scars in you make a clear impression. This is an important plot point in Hawkeye, as we see the aftereffects of Thanos’ snap on Clint, specifically Joe, his ever-supportive wife Laura (Linda Cardellini) and their three fiery children; Lila (Ava Russo), Cooper (Ben Sakamoto), and Nathaniel (Cade Woodward). Nothing short of a “Broadway” highlight for MCU fans, Clint’s trauma is impeccably portrayed in a hilarious Rogers: The Musical, in which the OG Avengers recount their hard-fought battles from the past. Jeremy, who has been around as Clint for ten years, actually immerses himself in Clint’s conflicting state of mind between a happy family man and a doomed soldier. Props to Hawkeye creator and lead writer Jonathan Igla for including Clint on hearing loss as a key personality trait.

However, Clint’s past in the form of the watchful Ronan comes back to bite him, thanks to a young, feisty but highly privileged Kate Bishop (Hailee Steinfeld), who becomes her hero’s weapon of choice after a traumatic childhood experience. a bow and arrow. After a series of unfortunate events and a sweet dog named Lucky, who loves his pizza, Clint is able to capture and quite easily coax Kate into solving the mystery entwined as an unconventional couple. While Hawkeye is set in New York over Christmas, Clint has a six-day deadline before being reunited with his family for Christmas.

The first episode starts off nostalgic, which is sure to please fans of the MCU, making it a great opening lately. We see a nice build-up in the character sketch that makes Kate Bishop as eccentric as she is. Above all, it’s his twisted relationship with his overbearing mother Eleanor Bishop (Vera Farmiga) and a pure hate comparison to the mysterious Jack Duquesne (Tony Dalton) that make it clear that Kate is always looking for trouble. his door, even if he doesn’t.

Marvel hit the right target by casting Hailey as Kate Bishop. Steinfeld has consistently made a name for herself as a versatile actress and in Hawkeye she is nothing short of brilliant. From the start, you’d be convinced (it was me!) that she was cast to play Kate Bishop as she makes her very impressive MCU debut. Plus, it’s the generational difference between Clint and Kate that gives way to the proprietary MCU humor we’ve grown accustomed to, as their odd comparison is always entertaining. When Kate tries to up Clint’s PR game, it’s hysterical!

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It’s also commendable how Hailey’s Kate gives her time to shine in Hawkeye, but without overwhelming Rainer’s Clint, unlike Black Widow, where Florence Pugh’s Yelena Belova literally plays Scarlett Johansson’s Natasha Romanoff. That’s why it was a smart move by Marvel to make Hawkeye a series rather than a movie, as it gave both characters plenty of time to settle in properly.

Given how time-consuming it is for Hawkeye to flesh out Clint and Kate’s equations, over the span of two episodes (note: there were only two episodes to review!), some MCU fans may want to burn a little slower for the last action Can’t get too excited about it. However, as I mentioned in the beginning, humanizing these characters (similar to The Falcon and The Winter Soldier!) is sometimes excruciatingly necessary because you have to experience the results of great battles and the thrills and frills of superheroes. lost life in the middle.

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When it comes to Vera and Tony, it’s an entertaining puzzle to figure out their characters, especially if you’re not well versed in the comics. While Farmiga’s powerful aura is discernible, particularly her scenes with Steinfeld where the issue of privilege is constantly challenged, Dalton impresses most in a hard-fought screen battle of not just body but mind against Hailey. What’s refreshing is the use of real New York locations, with minimal CGI, with an authentic Christmas feel, certainly adding more emotion to an infernal battle for the finish line for both Clint and Kate.

With the reveal of a key character in Episode 2, Hawkeye promises to powerpack four more episodes of Avengers proportions. As for the fight scenes, Clint’s exceptional fighting style has always been less appreciated in past outings and in Hawkeye, in double company with Kate, it more than makes up for it. After watching the first two episodes, this reviewer eagerly awaits the remaining four episodes to find the answers to the various puzzling pieces and dare I say mission accomplished!

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