Halloween Kills Ending Explained

What exactly Michael’s game plan is, however, is an integral part of the film. For much of the film, it appears that Michael is tracking Laurie and that she is his ultimate target – just like the setup for the original Halloween II in 1981 and many of its sequels. But towards the end of the film, this turns out not to be the case. Michael is not going to the hospital (so it’s a nod and a twist) Halloween II). Instead, Michael wants to return to the family home, the house where he killed his sister, and where he used to stare out the window and look out over the city.

By the end of the film, he has achieved that. The last photos are of him staring from his old vantage point and Laurie doing the same from her hospital bed. It’s a fun play on the original 1978 movie “The Night He Came Home” tagline.

Is Michael Myers immortal, or is he human?

Good question! This particular point will cause a lot of discussions, we suspect. So, first of all, this is what David Gordon Green has to say about this.


“I believe he is flesh and blood,” says the director. “But I believe the interpretation of what Michael Myers has become is cosmic. I think Michael Myers, on our actual Earth, has given nightmares to millions of people. As much as the shark in Jaws, the ogre has kept millions of people away from the ocean. So you have that beautiful study of what fear is? Is fear the reality of looking someone in the eye when they have a knife in the house? How does that relate to the paranoia, uncertainty, and expectation of what’s around the corner and what’s in the closet, what’s under the bed? How the boogeyman fueled the fear and emotions of his community is sort of what this film studies.

So essentially, Myers is a man (like Jaws is a shark) whose legend is more significant than his physical form. While we may be able to buy that Myers survived a burning building and the various physical beatings he takes during the movie, at the very end of the film, where the entire town of Haddonfield comes together in an attempt to stop Myers (after Karen gives him the lured into the streets by stealing his beloved mask), Michael also sees the damage that no human could bear. Not only is he stabbed with a pitchfork, but he has also been shot at close range several times and still stands up and beats the city. Gordon Green has said this will be addressed in Halloween ends, which Gordon Green has said will be a more intimate affair.

Is Karen dead?

Probably. But not sure. At the end of the film, Michael stabs Karen in the house he used to live in (he already killed Big John and Little John, who lived there). The closing scenes suggest that Karen is probably dead, but Halloween movies habit bringing people back from the brink. So if she’s dead, that could be a substantial extra motivator for Laurie. Although Laurie is still in hospital at the end of this year? In a room with Officer Hawkins (Will Patton), Halloween kills her monologue, interspersed with Michael’s final scene, concludes the film.

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