Hawkeye Episode 3 Release Date, Time and Storyline

Hawkeye episode 3 will be released as a single installment after the two opening episodes are released as two. The entire limited edition is a six-episode event and will continue for the next three episodes. The episode is expected to last 40-50 minutes.

However, we know that Kate and Clint will have to try to find a way out of their predicament after being caught by the Tracksuit Mafia, and the mysterious Maya Lopez, in episode 2.

Many things happened in the first two episodes, and here are some ideas about the program. It may be Jack Duquesne who is responsible for the death of Armand III, but who knows Marvel? It will undoubtedly be someone who is not easy to predict. Some are looking at the possibility that it could be Eleanor who is behind all the attacks.

What to Expect from the Episode?

Whether the Echo plays a good or a bad boy depends on the next few episodes, but he was the first Ronin before Clint got it in humor. Will you be a friend or an enemy? Additionally, you are connected to Kingpin. Finally, will you be William Fisk’s way into the MCU?

Hawkeye is coming up with a new action and exciting news next week, so don’t forget to listen and follow the program. First, let’s see who the real culprit is.

Hawkeye Episode 3 info

Analyzing the first two episodes of Hawkeye, it seems that Kate Bishop was one of those left on Earth when part of the universe was removed. It is not explicitly stated, but given the circumstances, he was not one of those perishing.

Why is that? Well, those who were deprived of Thanos did not grow old in those five years. Their years from the rapture were so cold that it was as if their bodies did not move, and they did not grow old when they returned.

As for Kate, she is shown in the first episode as a child in the show’s first few minutes. That happened in 2012 during the New York War when Hawkeye unknowingly saved him from Chitauri coming towards him. In the episode, Kate said she was 22 years old. Considering that the current timeline is 2023, the Christmas season after the blip, she was 11 at the time, which means she was older.

Hawkeye Episode 3 Release Date

Kate was able to go to school and even competed in various competitions; if Thanos had taken her, her age would not be the same. Of course, all of this would have been true if Kate had not lied about her age. By the way, he looked, he seemed honest about it until he got upset when Clint thought he was only 18 years old.

Hawkeye Episode 3 was released on Disney Plus on Wednesday 1st December 2021 at 8 am GMT. This episode will be released as a single installment after the two opening episodes are released two. The entire series is limited to six episodes and will continue for the next three episodes.

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