Hellboy (2019) ending explained

A new Hellboy movie came out more than a decade later, but the ending of Hellboy (2019) left many fans with many questions. Rather than a sequel to the 2008 movie Hellboy II: The Golden Army, the 2019 Hellboy movie is an R-rated reboot. The release of a new Hellboy movie would be something fans have been waiting for a long time. Neil Marshall directed this 2019 film instead of Guillermo del Toro, who directed the original two films. Initially, del Toro was supposed to make the third installment, but he left the project when he didn’t get the director-writer role like the previous two films. Thus, the studio took the step of making a reboot rather than a sequel. The film features Stranger Things star David Harbor as the Hellboy instead of Ron Perlman.

A reboot of the Hellboy franchise, this film revolves around a half-human, half-demon man who works for BRPD to fight against supernatural and dark forces. However, this new episode could not match the level of its predecessors. The public and critics gave negative reviews for the directing and writing. But the audience praised the performance of the actors. ‘Hellboy’ presents many sequences throughout the film, which are full of gore sequences. However, the latest Hellboy plot still intrigued many fans, but the ending of Hellboy (2019) left the fans most confused. Therefore, we will explain Hellboy (2019) in this article. Furthermore, beware of reading this article as it will contain a lot of spoilers. To avoid spoilers, you can watch the movie on Amazon Prime Video.

What happens in the Hellboy reboot?

The film opens with Blood Queen Vivienne Nimue, who terrorized England by unleashing a life-threatening plague. However, King Arthur put an end to the Blood Queen. He separated Nimue into pieces and seals every part from the others. The film then shifts to the present, where Hellboy, a half-human and half-demon, works for BPRD, which fights against supernatural beings and evil forces. BRPD leader Trevor Bruttenholm, who adopted Hellboy instead of killing him, orders Hellboy to take out three giants roaming Britain. Meanwhile, a witch named Baba Yaga advises a pig-like fairy Gruagach to revive Nimue to take revenge on Hellboy.

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Queen of Blood Vivienne Nimue

Hellboy meets Alice Morgan, who protected Hellboy when she was young. Furthermore, he saved her from none other than Gruagach, who could change his form and take Alice’s place to live a human life. But because he couldn’t live a human life because of Hellboy, he swore to take revenge on him. Then an M11 agent, Ben Daimio, informs them of Nimue’s revival. The trio visits the place where the Blood Queens were stored in the past. But they discover that Gruagach killed everyone who protected that last piece and fled with that piece. Hellboy and the gang further learn that Nimue plans to use Hellboy to wreak havoc on Earth.

The M11 agent takes everyone to HQ. There, Hellboy learns that his foster father adopted him instead of killing him. But Hellboy doesn’t like what Bruttenholm did, and after an argument, he leaves. Meanwhile, Daimio gets a particular bullet that can kill Hellboy, but he does so in secret. Meanwhile, Hellboy ends up at Baba Yaga’s house after leaving HQ. Baba Yaga informs her of the Nimue’s location but asks for his evil right eye as payment. However, Hellboy escapes Baba Yaga’s place with both his eyes safe. But because of the deception, Baba Yaga curses him that he will lose a loved one. Meanwhile, Daimio also reveals that he is a weather jaguar who can turn into a jaguar at will.

Hellboy (2019) ending explained

Hellboy and Baba Yaga

The trio head to Nimue’s location to confront the Blood Queen. But the Evil Queen overpowers the trio and also poisons Alice before they flee from there. After the defeat, the trio visits the site of the legendary wizard, Merlin, who heals Alice. But Merlin quickly puts Alice and Daimio to sleep. He reveals Hellboy’s real name is Anung Un Rama, and his mother was a descendant of King Arthur. Merlin also offers Hellboy the legendary sword Excalibur. But Hellboy refuses after a vision of him causing an apocalypse. After the rejection, Merlin dies because he has no energy left in him.

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