Here’s What Matt Jones From NCIS Is Doing Now

Here's What Matt Jones From NCIS Is Doing Now

Matt Jones’ character in “NCIS” may not have been a regular on the show, but he managed to fit right into any scene he was cast in following his stint on the hit drama series. Jones’ IMDb page states that the actor, director, and producer has also played supporting roles in “The Office” (you might remember him as Dwight’s cousin), CBS’ “Mom,” “Breaking Bad,” and others. His bizarre role on “The Office” turned out to be a hit, so Jones was cast in a spinoff of the show, titled “The Farm.” Unfortunately, the spinoff didn’t garner the same success as its predecessor, as it was evident that the character of Dwight was most enjoyed causing antics in an office setting.

The fact that Jones appeared in the series finale of both “The Office” and “Breaking Bad” may have signaled that TV makers did see him as a promising actor. And despite being in a show that did not make it, he was able to land his own series — and as it turns out, Jones had been preparing for this role for a long time. Read on to learn more about his comedy show.  

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