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If you are of a certain age, you might think that Batman can only be a gritty, dark and brooding superhero, who can’t crack jokes and never has any fun.

Christopher Nolan, thank you. Zack Snyder, you’re a great help. Joel Schumacher, it didn’t help. Or, Christian Bale. Or, Ben Affleck.

We are proud to present Adam West, the greatest actor ever to play Batman.

You might only be aware of West, who died last in 217 aged 88, as the mayor of Quahog, Rhode Island, in Family Guy.

He was the Caped Crusader in the original TV Batman adaptation. It aired for three seasons from 1966 to 1968 and was hilarious.

It was bright, funny, bizarre and psychedelic. There were many side-splitting jokes and it was entertaining. Much of that was West’s fault, as he was known for his dry delivery and impeccable comedy timing.

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This was none more evident in a scene shared by Twitter user @YUXLOA where Batman has to talk over the phone to his alter-ego Bruce Wayne, in order to fool Commissioner Gordon and Chief O’Hara.

This scene is perfect, from West’s subtle voice change to his altering expression when he talks as Wayne or Batman.

This scene is from 1967’s ‘Ice Spy’ episode. Mr Freeze sent his specially trained seal Isolde to Gotham City Police Headquarters with a request that Batman pay a ransom for the kidnapped professor.

This clip is so rare that it’s not seen by many people, but it’s still been viewed over 900,000 times on the internet.

Let’s not forget about this genius scene from the 1966 Batman movie.

God bless Adam West.

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