Is There Scope For Young Justice Season 5? Will There Be Further Renewals After Season 4

Also interesting: the stories Superman and Onyx tell us about their past. Or at least they would have been interesting if they had actually been shown to us. This week’s B-plot is seven minutes where Kal dances around and Jon tells that Conner is dead, then Lois tells about all the regrets he had about their relationship that he can’t resolve now that Conner is gone. Onyx tells us how she drifted away from her grandfather, Amazing-Man, and into the arms of the League of Shadows.

But we don’t get to see any of these stories. We’ll hear about it and then move on. That would be annoying, but not a deal breaker if the episode had more redeeming qualities. Instead of a Superman/Superboy flashback showing us Kal’s regrets, we’re treated to the rehashed Arrowette story beats from season one. Instead of seeing Amazing Man at work fighting the racism of his day along with, I don’t know, Per Degaton or something, we see another two minute comic strip where everyone goes back to wherever they should be going. go to start the next episode.

Young Justice Season 5

Now that I really think about it, this feels like an issue that has plagued this entire season. We spent twice as much time being told that society on Mars is full of fucking racists than we actually saw. The Beast Boy story has an even worse ratio: He spent his entire time on Mars freaking out about his team, and when he comes back we get an episode where he sleeps a lot.

The urge to tell rather than show combined with the low production quality (these moving comics are driving me against the wall) and the strangely backward-looking perspective of the storytelling makes me wonder if the team that made the show cut corners. is and know that they are not renewed, and thus they build a farewell. If so, it’s still not very good or effective, but it’s excusable. If not…maybe it should be.

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