Lib Dem leader Ed Davey praised for scathing speech about Boris Johnson

The leader of the Liberal Democrats has been praised after he pummeled Boris Johnson in a scathing speech.

Speaking at the party’s conference, Ed Davey slammed Johnson for his style of governance, accused him of disregarding the truth and said he has made the Conservative Party “ugly”.

He said: “Over the last few years Boris Johnson has remade the Conservative Party in his own image and it’s an ugly, ugly sight.

“Behaviour that would get most people fired from their jobs, in Boris Johnson’s government it makes you employee of the month.

“His casual disregard for facts or truth, his trail of broken promises from no border in the Irish sea to no tax rise. His knee jerk response of say anything do nothing and take absolutely no responsibility whatsoever and total lack of shame or decency.

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“Boris Johnson is not a prime minister worthy of our great United Kingdom. His conservatives are not a government worthy of the British people. This Prime Minister and these conservatives have got to go.”

His comments came in his first speech as leader in front of a live audience. In the speech, he also attacked the Tories’ cuts to Universal Credit, the reduction in the UK’s foreign aid budget, immigration policies and the government’s handling of the Afghanistan crisis.

He also roasted Dominic Raab, who has been reshuffled out of the foreign office and quipped that he accepted his three new positions in the cabinet “on the basis that three jobs would come with three times the holiday entitlement”.

People thought he was a genius.

The Lib Dems didn’t fare well elsewhere at the conference. And new party messaging about knocking down the Tory’s “blue wall” lost all credibility when members of the party quite literally knocked down a blue wall to hammer home the point.

You can win some or lose some.

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