Man films fight at Olivia Rodrigo concert but keeps singing along regardless

Olivia Rodrigo’s “Drivers License” isn’t really the best soundtrack to a concert brawl, but that didn’t stop two women from throwing fists at each other during the singer’s performance at the Las Vegas iHeartRadio Festival at the weekend.

Rodrigo was singing her debut single when a blonde woman shoved a masked female behind. A scuffle soon unfolded, with what appears to be the maskless woman’s young daughter attempting to help out her mother by throwing a few punches.

A white-shirted man intervened quickly to stop the fight.

The person who was filming the fight continued to dance and sing along with the lyrics.

“Bro we were just tryna enjoy Olivia Rodrigo,” Text is placed above the video by @fww.shelli, who originally uploaded it to TikTok before it was deleted.

In a follow-up video, however, the user explained what happened and caused the fight to take place.

“The mum kept asking nicely if her daughter could stand on her because her daughter was too short to see.

“The mum asked her if she could stand on the chair. She was being rude about it … and so they argued.

“Then the girl in the white cardigan smacked the mum with a smoothie on the face while the daughter was on her shoulder.

“So they started fighting, and it was so obvious that the white cardigan girl initiated the fight,” She claimed.

Later, the original clip was shared on Twitter. It has been viewed more than 700,000.00 times and received 4,000 retweets as of this writing.

Many responded by mocking the reaction of the girl caught up in the altercation:

Others commented on the cameraman’s dedication to both filming the fight, and singing his heart out:

Then there were those who made the obvious pun about “Brutal”, the opening track on her debut album, Sour:

And it’s fair to say that things definitely did turn Sour here.


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