‘One Piece’ Episode 996: Where can you watch it online?

As usual, the final episode of One Piece was full of twists left and right. On the one hand, Kaido issued an ultimatum to Orochi’s men. They have two options: die to surrender or work for Kaido. Elsewhere, boss Hyogoro convinced Momonosuke to work with him. This also allows Hyogoro to protect Momonosuke. This is a brief summary of the previous episode. However, we’re here to talk about One Piece Episode 996.

Let’s start with the release date of the new episode. Unfortunately, you won’t be getting any episodes of One Piece this week. The anime is taking a short break and will return next week. It should be released on October 23, 2021 at 7:00 PM Pacific Time (PT) / 10:00 PM Eastern Time (ET). As usual, some regions won’t get their hands on it until a day later.

That said, let’s focus on where to watch the long-running anime. But first, check out our streaming guide to One Piece episode 995.

‘One Piece’ Episode 996: Where can you watch it online?

Where can you watch ‘One Piece’ Episode 996 online?

Many anime fans struggle to find a good website to watch their favorite anime every week. If you are one of them, don’t worry; there are still some good sites to watch anime. The option to watch One Piece is Crunchyroll. It adds a new episode of One Piece on the usual schedule. However, the site is paid and you can’t watch anything on it for free.

To watch anime for free, you can rely on our guide to the best websites to watch anime for free in 2021.

‘One Piece’ Episode 996 Plot

Things boil down in the Wano Arch as the Akazaya Nine Samurai take on Kaido. After confronting them, Kaido will realize that they have received a similar blow to the chest as Kozuki Oden. On the other hand, it looks like Luffy and Big Mom are ready for battle too.

Since the new episode is titled “Onigashima in Tumult! Luffy’s All-Out War Begins,” it’s a clear indication of what’s about to happen. The part most fans have been waiting for is about to begin. Manga fans know the outcome of this al. So if you’re just an anime viewer, you’re in for an epic battle!

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