Smother Season 3: Every Details you need to know about

Smother Season 3 has been teased on Peacock! Nowadays a lot of series from a lot of countries are becoming one with the help of a lot of different entertaining platforms. If we talk about any country different from America that are doing very well in series then it is going to be Irish. The Irish film industry has given us a lot of great series and dramas so far. If we talk about any series that comes in the category of drama and thriller then Irish series are best at it. If we talk about any Irish drama that has some crime and they are known for it very well then it is going to be Smother.

Smother is a thriller drama of Irish origin that is written by Kate O Riordan. The series is directed by Dathai Keane. It is produced by BBC Studios as well as Treasure Entertainment. The series has released it’s two seasons and they both have done very well. That is the reason why the makers of the series have decided to go for season 3. The series falls under the location of County Clare Ireland. Robert Walpole, as well as Rebecca, are the producers of this series.

Smother Season 3 Possible Release Date

If we talk about the release of this series then the first-ever season came on 7 March 2021 with 6 episodes. Soon after the series got renewed and came up with a second season. Smother Season 2 was released on 29 January 2022 and ended on 13 February 2022. The series had 6 episodes. If we talk about the third season then it is going to release in 2023. The renewal of season 3 Smother announces just after the finale episode of season 2.

Smother Season 3 on Peacock

The plot of the series is set in a small town somewhere near the wild coast of Count Clare. Val is a devoted mother who is determined to protect her own family. She is willing to protect her daughters whose names are Jenny, Grace, and Anna. The husband of this mother, that is Denis was found dead near the home. He was dead after a family party and his wife tries to investigate the whole event.

The casting of Smother Season 3 would be the same as in previous seasons. The cast and their characters are here as Dervla Kirwan in the role of Val Ahern, Gemma-Leah Devereux will be seen as Anna Ahern, Seána Kerslake must be as Grace Ahern, Niamh Walsh will be again as Jenny Ahern

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