SPOILERS: ‘Prisoner of Love’ Season 1 Finale!

This season on Prisoner of Love, prison matchmaker Chelsea Holmes found herself in love on the job. She actually fell in love twice. She is a prison matchmaker. Chelsea matches prisoners with people from the outside world. At first, she was with Manuel and it looked serious. He left her, but she fell in love with Michael. He was released and she went to pick him up. They got matching tattoos and the relationship turned into a long-distance affair. Chelsea must decide whether she can deal with this or not.

Aluntra waited many years for Bryce to be freed. They have been planning a marriage ever since he was released. He was worried about finances after he started work again. He decided to quit his job and become a self-employed. This ignited a passion between the couple. Bryce tried to make it to Aluntra but is hopeful that they can still walk down their aisle. As for Chelsea’s clients, they are not having much luck with their inmate loves. Who will be happy? And who will be alone? It is time for us to find out.


Chelsea Visits Her Prisoner Of Love

Credit: Investigation Discovery Instagram

Credit: Investigation Discovery Instagram

To find out where they stand, Chelsea is going to see Michael. Because they don’t communicate, she feels it is better for her to visit him. Since he is anxious about seeing her, he is going out for dinner with two of his friends. He avoids calling her while he is out as she calls while he is on the phone. He has to admit that her frustrations with him make him anxious, so he doesn’t want it to happen. Michael knows that she was there for him while he was behind bars so he is loyal. However, being outside the loop is a big deal. They will try to work it out, and if it doesn’t work, Michael will be alone.

Chelsea is Zooming along her best friend Jonathan before she meets Michael. He does not get why she let Michael take her out. They haven’t spoken for days, but here she is. When the relationship started, she was so excited. Now the doubts are coming in. Jonathan wants Michael to be the one who manages the relationship, while Chelsea wants answers.

She is waiting for Michael’s arrival and is very anxious. He comes with flowers and calls her queen. He couldn’t tell her that he wanted to be just friends because she was so loyal while he was behind bars. She stated that they could not be friends because she felt she was being used by him. Chelsea provided meals for him every week, and she entertained him every evening. They’re over now.

Ring Shopping With Bryce

Though they are on a budget, Bryce wants the best ring for Aluntra. Bryce is determined to find the perfect ring for Aluntra and wants it to include her birthstone. Bryce says he was not happy with his job and that he felt a bit cold when he left it. He knows that he could easily have the ring within a few hours if he began selling drugs again. He doesn’t want to live that way again, so he will do whatever it takes to get the ring. It is worth $2250. The saleswoman tells him to put it on hold, and he’ll be back.

Aluntra, on one hand, is trying out her wedding dress. Since the dress has been made, she has never tried it on. Bryce will not weep if she doesn’t cry. She will then stop the wedding and start walking again. According to her best friend, she nearly wept when she saw her in it. This confirms that she is ready to walk down her aisle. The night before the wedding, Bryce’s family is taking them out to dinner to celebrate.

Aluntra would like it to be reaffirmed that she will be his bride and will come first. His family is extremely proud of her presence. They love and embrace her. Aluntra still has much to do before the big day. Bryce is aware that there were times when they thought they wouldn’t be able to make it.

Brey, Dexter, and His Prisoner Of Love

Credit: Investigation Discovery Instagram

Dexter is preparing to go see his prison love Yolanda so he is meeting with his son, Brey. Brey introduced him into this whole prison dating thing. Sadly, Brey’s relationship with Arlette ended when he learned she had shot someone. Dex’s biggest concern is that Yolanda may be a slight gold digger. He is open to the idea of meeting her in person and giving it a try. He wants to see if she is there for him or his money. Brey is anxious to find out what Yolanda is like.

Brey stated that he had finished prison dating and he started messaging Cynthia, another inmate. They have created a list of things they want to accomplish this summer. Dex is shocked to learn that his son is now in prison dating. However, they wish each other good luck. Dex now has time to make Yolanda’s trip, so he is excited to share this news. It is not normal that she does not answer the phone. He calls Chelsea to inquire about what’s going on.

Yolanda may have to follow certain rules because she is living in a halfway house. Chelsea finally returns to Dex and tells him that Yolanda is still in prison. This is quite a shock as she had just received her cosmetology license. It was something he never expected, but it is an opportunity to take with prison dating.

How does it all end?

Chelsea wants to find the right one, and is devastated by Michael’s death. She insists that she will not be his friend. She still has work to complete, and that includes taking care of Dexter and her clients. Yolanda will be on the phone with him to discuss what happened to bring her back from the halfway house to prison. She claims that she broke her foot, and she is now considered a liability. Her case manager told her she would have a return visit to prison.

Yolanda is curious if Dex will still be there to help her after she’s released. Dex confirms that he will be there to help her through this. He is open to the possibility of falling in love. They have been talking and are looking forward to seeing each other after she is released. Isa graduated from college and is getting her Master’s Degree in Social Work. As for Chelsea, she is truly ready to shed everything of Michael’s.

She needs to get rid her name tattoo and change it to St. Michael. Although the breakup was difficult, she believes her journey is only beginning. She is currently in a relationship with two men, the other being her inmate. Altra and her husband were married to their dream wedding. She encourages everyone to believe in love and second chances. They are now off to celebrate their release and welcome.

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