Susanna Reid encourages viewers to watch video about Boris Johnson ‘lying’ following Tory’s GMB appearance

Susanna Reid has directed GMB viewers to a viral video that accuses Boris Johnson of ‘lying’, after a Conservative MP appeared on the show this morning.

After James Cleverly made the media rounds today to discuss cuts to universal credit and HGV lorry driver shortages, Reid made some sly comments suggesting that she might not believe some of his claims.

She said:

“Just on a couple of things that James Cleverly said there, there’s a very interesting video by Peter Stefanovic which we have featured actually and you can watch that online.

“It’s just that there’s a couple of things that James Cleverly said about emissions and about the economy and when they’ve been said in the House of Commons they’ve been challenged by Peter Stefanovic so I’d just like to point you in that direction online.”

The video in question, made by campaigner Peter Stefanovic, debunks claims Johnson has made in parliament over the last couple of years and has racked up 35.5 million views in the year it has been online.

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It fact checks claims about the government’s record on emissions reductions, economic growth, nurses’ bursaries, hospital car parking, NHS spending, the Covid-19 track and trace app, and poverty in the UK.

Stefanovic challenged the claim that “the economy, under this Conservative government, has grown by 73 per cent,” which Johnson told the House of Commons.

In the video clip, Johnson is also seen saying: “We have cut CO2 emissions in this country since 2010 on 1990 levels by 42 per cent – that is an astonishing achievement.”

Stefanovic then responds: “Well it would be if it were true, but it’s just another lie. CO2 emissions fell by 39 per cent between 1990 and 2018. Not from 2010 onwards.”

Now that it seems that Reid has been swayed by its content, Stefanovic thanked her for the shoutout.

We bet Johnson isn’t as much of a fan of it.

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