‘The Pfizer Chiefs’ – Kaiser Chiefs divide Twitter with their Covid vaccine shoutout during gig

The Kaiser Chiefs didn’t predict a riot in response to their vaccine-related audience participation during their Isle of Wight festival set – but it has certainly made some noise on Twitter.

Sara, a frustrated viewer, shared a video clip on Twitter. It featured a recording of her TV screen, while she was watching a Kaiser Chief concert. Ricky Wilson, lead singer, interacted with the crowd in typical frontman fashion to get them going.

Ricky got the audience going by asking them all to put their hands in the air – “Let’s see your hands again, they’re all clean hands – you’ve been washing them?”

To which the crowd cheered in response and Ricky then turned the conversation to Covid vaccines.

He shouted: “Let me hear you, if you’ve had the Pfizer vaccine!”

There was an even bigger roar in response – but Sara was not happy, and can be heard in the background saying, “For f**k sake.”

Ricky then asked: “Let me hear it for Moderna!” followed by: “AstraZeneca?!”

On both occasions, the crowd screamed further.

But Ricky wasn’t finished yet and added: “Let’s hear it for the anti-vaxxers!” Which resorted to the crowd booing.

“Unbelievable,” Sara can be heard murmuring in the background.

“That’s very good,” Ricky cracked a joke and asked the crowd to raise their hands again.

“You’ve got clean hands, I can see that’s good. We’re spraying you with gel at the end,” He laughed before continuing with his music.

Within the tweet, Sara wrote: “@KaiserChiefs I was a fan of yours until this very moment. #cult”

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Since then, the video has been making rounds online, and similar to Sara, some people have shared their anger at Ricky’s vaccine interactions – so much so that “The Kaiser Chiefs” began trending on Twitter.

Laurence Fox also joined the discussion.

Another user took to Twitter to compare the situation to Germany in the 1930s.

Similarly, someone else described the Kaiser Chiefs as “cringe, cult crap” and added that they should change their name to “The Pfizer Chiefs.”

Meanwhile another person really hit the band where it hurt by saying, “they used to predict a riot.”

Someone else described the band as a “bunch of sellouts” and added: “Pretty sad that you sold your soul to Big Pharma.”

To be honest, “Kaiser Chiefs” and “Big Pharma” are not exactly two entities we would ever associate with one other, but here we are.

Apparently, the Kaiser Chiefs are on Bill Gates’ payroll – who knew?

Others laughed at the anti-vaxx comments and adored the band more because they wound them up.

One person found Bill Gates’ idea of paying the band quite funny.

Some people find the whole discussion to be quite funny.

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