The True Meaning Behind ‘N 2 Deep’ By Drake Featuring Future

The True Meaning Behind 'N 2 Deep' By Drake Featuring Future

“N 2 Deep” begins with Drake laying out the setting and theme of the track. A standard Drake love song, the rapper prefaces that he “Kept the Galleria open ’til 10 for you and your friends,” adding, “You know how I spend in H-O-U-S-T-O-N” (per Genius). The upcoming four bars — “We stay good friends, we get too wavy / All I know is that when this cup ends, the next one begins / My bae, you know me and you knew me back then / And you know how it goes when I see you again” — indicate that Drake and an unnamed female companion are set to descend into promiscuous territory after a few drinks.

In the second verse, Drake laments, “Dirtied up a cup, I’m on the Northside / Text you, but I know you probably courtside,” indicating that she’s playing hard-to-get with him. He then tries to convince her that, despite his fame, he is still an honest man (“Me and you been on a first name basis / Why you think I hate it when you talk that Drake s**t?”).

The chorus continues this same message, as Drake states, “Outside of the club, outside the things that a man like me does / Outside of the things that would cause you to judge / Outside of the club / Show you just who I was” — relaying that his behavior in the club does not reflect him as a man.

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