TikTok video ‘shows Justin Bieber comforting tearful Hailey Baldwin’ after ‘Selena’ chants at Met Gala

One hawk-eyed social media user shared a compelling theory as to why Hailey Bieber wore sunglasses on the Met Gala red-carpet, which seems to have been the doing of Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez devotees taking their fandom a bit too far.

TikTok account returnofbizzle, whose real name appears to be Anna, posted a video to the platform analysing footage from the night of the Met Gala. In the clip, Justin and Hailey walk onto the red-carpet, while an off-screen crowd is heard chanting “Selena, Selena, Selena,” clearly referencing Selena Gomez, Justin Bieber’s ex girlfriend of many years. It’s unclear why Selena stans can’t seem to get over the former relationship, seeing as it ended in 2014 and Justin and Hailey have been happily married since September 2018.

Ignoring the crowd, the couple went onto pose for pictures, during which Justin can be seen mouthing “I love you” to his wife. But it seems the “Selena” cries eventually did get to Hailey, who then began to wipe her eyes and, according to returnofbizzle, was “trying not to cry.” When Justin noticed, he appears to console her and say: “Don’t cry, don’t cry.”

Hailey managed to maintain her composure, however, quickly requesting a pair of sunglasses from her team member. “She took the rest of the pictures covering her eyes,” @returnofbizzle noted via text overlay, and the remainder of Hailey’s photos from the evening do indeed feature her wearing the shades.

“So disrespectful, he loves her [so much],” This captioned video has already been viewed over 2.1 Million times.

“Don’t cry, don’t cry.”

(Getty Images for The Met Museum/)

Thousands of TikTok users flooded the comments, empathizing with Hailey — even Selena Gomez fans.

“As a Selena fan, Selena would actually be disappointed. She would never want us to do that, one user wrote. “Selena doesn’t want y’all to do that,” Another noted.

“Okay this is not okay. They are married,” a third concurred, while another added: “People are so disrespectful, like how can they be so hateful!”

“So weird people care this much about a relationship they aren’t even in, let alone know the people.”

(Getty Images for The Met Museum/)

“So weird people care this much about a relationship they aren’t even in, let alone know the people,” one especially wise TikToker wrote. “Worry about your own.”

The TikTok and subsequent fan theories about Hailey are, of course, all speculation unless confirmed, but we can’t imagine anyone wants their spouse’s ex’s name shouted at them — walking the Met Gala red-carpet or otherwise.

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