When will Seasons 5 & 6 of ‘Outlander’ be on Netflix?

Outlander seasons 1-4 are streaming on Netflix and as you may know, season 6 is currently lined up to begin airing in 2022. If you’re looking for when both seasons 5 and 6 of Outlander will be on Netflix, you’ve come to the right place.

The time-traveling drama from the same production company as Netflix’s The Crown has been a fan-favorite since it began airing in 2014 and finally made its way onto Netflix in 2019 with seasons 1 and 2 added in May 2019. Season 3 then made its way onto Netflix in December 2019 with season 4 arriving in January 2021.

outlander season 6

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Outside of the United States, Netflix also carries the show in most regions including Netflix Australia, Canada, India, Latin American regions, some European countries as well as some Asian regions. The majority of these regions receive weekly episodes of Outlander and are currently streaming all five seasons.

Outlander is not on Netflix in the United Kingdom instead the series is available on Prime Video where it’s listed as an “Amazon Exclusive”.

When will season 5 of Outlander be on Netflix?

Let’s begin with season 5 which has yet to appear on Netflix in the United States. We’ve been able to accurately predict when Netflix US will get new seasons and our prediction on Outlander season four came true when it was added in late January 2021.

Netflix in the US gets new seasons of Outlander exactly two years after their finale airs on Starz in the US. That means that Netflix US won’t get season 5 until May 2022. That means you won’t get to catch up on season 5 before season 6 begins airing in March 2022.

Starz is your best option if you plan on watching all five seasons before season 6 begins.

With all that said, Netflix could strike a new deal with Sony to stream the series earlier in 2022 to give fans the opportunity to catch up. This is similar to the release strategy Sony has with Better Call Saul for example.

When will season 6 of Outlander be on Netflix?

If you’re outside the US (or Australia), you currently have seasons 1-5 and therefore, are up-to-date on Outlander.

Season 6 of Outlander has been severely delayed by COVID-19 (filming for season 6 only got underway in January 2021) and therefore, it’s been a two-year wait for a new season.

March 6th, 2022 is when new episodes of Outlander are due to begin airing, and depending on where you live, you may be getting weekly episodes or you’ll have to wait.

We’ll have a full update as to what regions of Netflix will receive Outlander weekly or at a later date as and when we get it. With that said, if you received weekly episodes for season 5, you’ll get the same for season 6.

Netflix Canada and Australia will have to wait around a year after airing for season 6 to arrive.

Netflix US will have the longest wait of any region. If the show sticks on the schedule it has kept to so far, Netflix US won’t receive season 6 of Outlander until mid-2024.

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